Newsstand Resources

Newsstand Resources:

Appzine Machine - These are the go to guys for a number of different services, not just Newsstand. Highly recommended. Appzine Machine is the Newsstand service by AppClover. They also have a podcast, and a Youtube channel.

Apple – A lot of essential info here. Apple is very strict when it comes to image size and quality, you can find  all the requirements here.

Publishing Done For You:

TypeEngine – Your mag app built from the ground up. Free sign-up.

PixelMags – Huge publishing company. You can also advertise through them.

Mag+ – $399 a month is their most popular package. You drop your InDesign files into their web app, no coding required.

Uninkd – Pretty much the same as Mag+, but with a different pricing structure.

Adobe - If you’re not already a million dollar business, you probably won’t be able to afford this option.

MagCast - Relatively popular publisher, drag & drop PDF’s.

Software For Mag Creation:

3D Issue – One time fee of $499, $1299, or $2699. Drag & drop your PDF’s.

Pre-Made Template:

App Design Vault - This site has great pre-made templates, reasonably priced, for your Newsstand mag and iOS apps.

Learn On Your Own:

Mag+ Tutorial 

udemy - Learn almost anything you can think of here.

TeamTreehouse - Learn to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, code with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start a business.

Hiring Help:

Freelancer - This is the site I personally use and I highly recommend it. It seems to be less saturated than oDesk and Elance.

oDesk - A very popular freelance site that’s been around for awhile.

Elance - Same set-up as oDesk, a popular choice as well.

Weblance - These guys specialize in apps and websites.

Witmart - I’ve never used this particular site, but I think they are run by the same people as oDesk & Elance.

Virtual Staff Finder - Great place for virtual assistants.

TheyMakeApps - Freelance site with only app makers. A Newsstand mag is technically just a regular app.

Design Help: - With this site, you post your project needs(ex. magazine cover) and designers compete for which one you use. So you would look at all designs, but only pay for the one you want.


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